5 Things to Know about the Upcoming Spring Market

1) Know your price range/what your comfortable spending each month on a mortgage payment, and get a Pre-qualification letter from your lender BEFORE you start house-hunting. Shop around and try out both well-known banks and smaller banks/brokers you may not have heard of! Different lenders have different fees, interest rates, etc.

2) Get in ASAP when a house goes ACTIVE. I am seeing homes in the in-town areas going under contract in the first 24 hours and appointment times FULLY booking up in the first few hours. I’m showing a house in Myers Park today and yesterday, at 1pm, there were only TWO slots left to go see the home (we have a whopping :15 min to go see it tomorrow).

3) Know that multiple offers are the norm in most of the Charlotte market. Discuss with your agent the best course of action to take and what your highest and best is for each home.

4) If you are looking in specific neighborhoods, such a Dilworth, decide if you want an expert in that neighborhood. This way you’ll know the in’s and out’s of the neighborhood (which streets are favored and why, what’s going on with that commercial building next door, etc.) and the head’s up on some listings coming on the market.

5) Know that it may get a little stressful (in such a hot market), but hopefully with good communication with your agent and strong strategies to “win” the bid on a home, you WILL end up with the house that’s “meant to be”. Stay calm and patient! 🙂

About Sarah Martin

I am savvy at buying & selling in all quadrants of the Greater Charlotte area and would love to help you find your home whether its your first condo that you plan on turning into a bachelor pad or your third home that has to accommodate three kids and a dog.

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