Charlotte: Top 5 Cities for Digital Marketing

Aerial View of the buildings in Downtown Minneapolis photo credit: Getty


Just as Charlotte has been gaining traction in the food & drink scene over the past few years (think Bardo and the newly opened Crunkleton), another growing industry in 2019 is for digital marketing! Forbes recently published an article citing Charlotte as one of the “top five unexpected cities hiring for digital marketing in 2019” (check out the article here).  We are among good company too! The other cities listed were:

Seattle, Washington
Phoenix, Arizona
Indianapolis, Indiana
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Seeing as Charlotte is also an ever-growing presence in the financial sector, it makes sense that digital marketing opportunities would follow. And not just follow but thrive! The average salary for a digital marketer is just over $95K.

And even more good news if you’re currently searching for a new position or considering relocating here for new opportunities, Charlotte was also recently ranked 5th on Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Top 20 Large Cities to Own a Business”.

I’ve always knows Charlotte to be a gem of a city, but it’s nice to see it getting recognized nationally for all the opportunities that are available here!

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