Dilworth Market Snapshot

Now that the busyness of the holidays have passed, now is a great time to begin thinking about selling or getting your ducks in a row to buy. What a great time for a market update too! As shown in the graphs below, the average sales price has been on the rise for the past three months AND inventory has continued to stay low. As we have mentioned before, whenever inventory rises above six months, the market is deemed a “buyers market”. Dilworth is showing an inventory of just over two months. It is a great sellers market! But buyers, do not fret just yet. Market history has shown that spring is one of the most popular times for sellers to list, so the inventory will only continue to grow. DilworthCharlotte would love to consult with you whether you are hoping to buy or sell – we know the Dilworth market very well and love all that this neighborhood has to offer! Reach us at Sarah@SarahMartinHomes.com.Market Inventory Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 11.47.07 AM

About Sarah Martin

I am savvy at buying & selling in all quadrants of the Greater Charlotte area and would love to help you find your home whether its your first condo that you plan on turning into a bachelor pad or your third home that has to accommodate three kids and a dog.