Dilworth Real Estate Market Update

An average of 6.8 homes per month have sold in Dilworth over the past year, and there are currently 18 homes on the market now, so Dilworth has 2.6 months of inventory. “Inventory” represents how many months it would take, given recent sales trends, for all homes in the neighborhood to be sold. Generally, more than 6 months of inventory suggests a “buyer’s market” and less than 6 months of inventory suggests a “seller’s market.”

So what does a “seller’s market” mean for you? If you already live in Dilworth, now could be a great time to sell. Late-fall market means less inventory and more serious buyers, which could drive your sales price. If you’re thinking of buying a home in Dilworth, understand that the market is very competitive and you will need an experienced Realtor with a proven track record. I’d love to discuss with you my tactics for selling and buying homes in Dilworth!

About Sarah Martin

I am savvy at buying & selling in all quadrants of the Greater Charlotte area and would love to help you find your home whether its your first condo that you plan on turning into a bachelor pad or your third home that has to accommodate three kids and a dog.