The Dilworth Speed Loop

If you know, you know about The Dilworth Speed Loop. If you don’t, it is often one of the neighborhood’s best-kept secrets!

The Dilworth Speed Loop is a great place to do a time-trial, get in that workout, warm-up, or add onto a long run. The “official” two-mile speed loop starts on Worthington Avenue where it meets Dilworth Road East, then you turn left on Cleveland, left onto Tremont, left again on Lennox, and right back onto Worthington. Next, turn right onto Dilworth Road West and continue until you are right back where you started. You can even extend the loop by going out and around on East Boulevard.

What makes The Dilworth Speed Loop so great is the beautiful tree-lined streets that provide cover from the direct sun in the Charlotte summer heat. On a nice day, you will see walkers, joggers, runners, strollers, and cyclists! It’s a great way to engage with the community and meet people!

Credit for the The Dilworth Speed Loop description and map: Charlotte Running Club

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