DNC = Room’s Needed In Dilworth

If you are a Dilworth resident looking to rent out your luxurious Dilworth home for the DNC Convention, check out dncdigs.com. Over 35,000 people will be converging on the Dilworth Neighborhood and the Uptown area for the Democratic National Convention and whether you’re a Democrat, Republican or an Independent…. there will be a shortage of hotel rooms to stay at. There is already a growing supply and demand for private residence’s available for rent for the week of the convention and even for the month before and after!

Dilworth is the perfect neighborhood for this opportunity as our convenient location next to Uptown lends to amazing walkability access to all of Charlotte’s greatest attractions. Go to dncdigs.com and register your Dilworth house today!

Or if youre interested in checking out any homes for sale in theDilworth neighborhoodor selling yourDilworthhome, feel free to email me. There are some great homes to buy and sell in Dilworth! DilworthCharlotte@gmail.com

About Sarah Martin

I am savvy at buying & selling in all quadrants of the Greater Charlotte area and would love to help you find your home whether its your first condo that you plan on turning into a bachelor pad or your third home that has to accommodate three kids and a dog.

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