Looking Ahead: Upcoming Additions to the Neighborhood

If you have been wanting additional retail, yoga and dining options in Dilworth your dreams are about to come true (in 2017)!  As bustling and convenient as East Boulevard is for the neighborhood, the new development happening off Park Road will only add to the convenience and joy (not to mention value) of living in the neighborhood.

Not only are already existing businesses renovating – Ed’s Tavern is adding an enclosed, garage door style area and Toast is extending their patio – but new options will be available too: Green Brothers Juice, Yoga One, Not Just Coffee, Inizio Pizza Napoletana & pet store, PetPeople.

With the success of other nearby shopping markets (Atherton Mill & the revamped Park Road Shopping Center), this 14,000 square foot destination is sure to be a hit. We’re also loving the architectural style: handmade brick, historic mill with cedar ceilings!


Dilworth Development

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