Lunch Time

What’s for lunch?
So often that’s a question I think of while finishing breakfast (honesty!). However, there are also days where 3pm hits and I realize I have yet to eat. And then of course, my proudest, most pat-on-the-back worthy moments come from meal prepping and packing my own lunch.
Basically, there are so many options. Endless options. Some would even call it “analysis paralysis” – those times when there are too many decisions, resulting in an overwhelming feeling upon where no decision is made!
So when I saw one of my favorite Charlotte publications, CharlotteFive, tackle this subject head-on, I knew I wanted to share it with my readers.  As they mention, they “did the research” for us and came up with Dilworth’s best lunch spots, and for under $10.  My personal favorite being Not Just Coffee – they update their menu seasonally and just rolled out a new Autumn Salad that is a hit with everyone, not just me!
Check it out and leave my a comment about your favorite Dilworth lunch spot, even if it didn’t make the list – I love finding new spots and supporting my favorite neighborhood.
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