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Charlotte Electric Bill

Your electric bill shouldnt reflect Charlottes extreme and unpredictable weather. The heating and cooling system in most American homes makes up, on average, over 40% of your monthly electric bill and contributes to the 150 million tons of carbon dioxide released in the United States each year. Take control of that out-of-control electric bill and cut down on global carbon dioxide emissions by following these helpful tips:

Install Programmable Thermostats Programmable thermostats can provide a 10% a year savings on your heating and cooling bills. By installing a programmable thermostat andadjusting your thermostat 10% to 15% for the eight hours a day youre at work, you can save hundreds of dollars a year on your electric bill.

Heat Pump Heat pumps are the most efficient form of electric heating for Charlottes climate. They provide more heating than other heating elements and consume less energy to do it. There are three types of heat pumps available to you: air-to-air, water source, and ground source.

Harness the Sun! Using solar energy to heat and cool your home is both environmentally friendly and cost effective in the long-term. By simply opening the curtains during the winter to let in light, you will beheating your home naturally and cutting down on heating cost. Closing your blinds during the summer monthswill cut down on the sunlight entering the house thus reducing the strain on your air conditioner.

CFL Bulbs Installing CFL “Compact Fluorescent” Bulbs will cut down on your use of electricity and last far longer than most incandescent bulbs. CFLs on average use 1/5th the electricity of incandescent bulbs and have a life expectancy five times longer.Simply turning off a lights in most homes can really improve the monthly electric bill. Lighting is used for our safety and enjoyment only and the house doesnt need to see itself when youre not there, so when you leave the room turn off the light. Or if you really want to maximize efficiency andcut down on electricity used you can always switch to candle light… kidding.

Clean your Air Filters Air Filters capture dirt and dust particles floating around your house and prevent their spread. Having a dirty or clogged air filter will reduce the effectiveness of your heating and air conditioning unit and increase your electric bill.

Energy Star Look for appliances with the Energy Star logo. These are certified to save you electricity and help reduce your impact on the environment.

Seal it up Look for cracks in and around doors and windows to determine if you need to replace weather stripping or replace insulation. This is especially important in older homes that have areas exposed to energy loss. Having a properly sealed home can dramatically reduce the amount of electricity used in heating or cooling your home.

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Put some, or all, of these tips to use today and start seeing the electric bill get lower and lower.



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