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Charlotte, NC New Home Sales On The Rise

New Home Sales are on the rise in Charlotte, NC

February marked the lowest percentage of new home sales since the government began tracking the data in the 1960’s. On a positive note, the Census Bureau reported a two month consecutive new home sales increase of 7.3% for the month of April. This is a great sign of a rebounding economy and may be an indicator that this is the best time to buy a new house in Charlotte.

Charlotte New Home Construction

The average price for homes sold is slowly increasing as the economy makes the shift from a recession to a recovery. There is also a substantial supply of foreclosed homes available that can often be purchased well under market value. In addition to new home sale growth and a rebounding Charlotte real estate market, the job market has also experienced gains.

Dilworth Home

The annual rent average is increasing as the economy rebounds which is making right now the best time to look into buying a house. There is possibly no greater motivator for first time home buyers than increasing rent. The prospect of paying as much to own a home versus renting is one that has motivated buyers for decades and facilitated the American dream.

Charlotte New Home Construction

Mortgage rates are at the lowest point in history, the job market is rebounding, rent is increasing and there are vast opportunities for potential home buyers to seize the moment.if you’re interested in checking out any homes for sale in the Dilworth neighborhood or selling your Dilworth home, feel free to email me. There are some great homes to buy and sell in Dilworth!



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