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Charlotte’s Real Estate Market Shows Double-Digit Growth

An article from the Charlotte Business Journalshows continuous double-digit growth in the Charlotte residential real estate market. According to the Charlotte Regional Realtors Association, closings increased by 23.4% in December as compared to the same time last year. The growth was not only contained to the month of December either– October 2012 and November 2012 showed a 36.8% growth rate and 35% growth rate respectively. In fact, the past 11 straight months have shown positive returns and the association president, Eric Locher, seems to think our housing market is in recovery, “Charlotte’s housing market has shown steady signs of improvement over most of 2012 and could be called the year our local recovery started. With some of the uncertainty on the federal level temporarily averted, we’re hopeful these trends will continue through what is generally considered a slower selling season.”

Not onlyhave our closings improved, but sohas the average sales price. The average sales price in December 2011 was $190,656, however the December 2012 was showing a 7.9% increase in the average sales price, putting it at $205,537. A more accurate indicator of trends over time, the median sales price, has also increased by 2.5%.

And even more good news is that the average amount of time from listing to closing has decreased by two days, now reflecting an average of 156 days.

As chronicled in our previous Dilworth post, overall home inventory continues to fall. This past year we had anastonishing 27.7% decrease in the amount of inventory available, leaving our region with about afive month supply of homes– Dilworth, however, has less than three months of inventory available.

Check out the Charlotte Business Journal to see the article in its entirety, and take a look below at the homes for sale in Dilworth:



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