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Charlotte’s Spring Market: Green gets you more Green

Dilworth House

Charlotte’s spring real estate market is in full bloom; make your home more desirable to buyers looking for Dilworth Charlotte homes for sale by painting your lawn green.

In neighborhoods such as Dilworth where curb appeal accents and highlights great architectural features, it’s important to keep your lawn-maintenance easy and stress-free. Water restrictions in Charlotte have really taken a toll on lawns; even fertilizer hasn’t really helped too much.

So how can you achieve the curb appeal youwant in what seems like a no-win situation?

Dilworth Curb Appeal

Enter, Yardgreen Grass Painting Systems. This company uses an environmentally safe and effective green dye (we promise!) to make your lawn look absolutely fabulous.

  1. No harsh chemicals means that it’s safe for your kids as well as your pets.

  2. It only takes a matter of hours to paint a lawn, but the results are instant!

  3. The effects last for months and are guaranteed. No more pesky brown patches that fertilizer can’t seem to get rid of.

If you are thinking of selling your home or you just want to add a little more visual impactto your yard, it isnice to know it’s possible to save the environment and beautify your neighborhood all at once.



Sarah Martin


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