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Dilworth Business Series: Abode Interior Design & Furnishings

This may be one of our favorite businesses we have featured to date! Last week had the privilege to visit Abode Interior Design & Furnishingsand chat with the owner, Mary Miller. We were blown away by the beautiful aesthetic of the workspace and got inspired with so many gorgeous ideas. Whether you are looking for a full blown interior design, or if you still need to pick up a couple last minute holiday gifts (think: candles, stationary, jewelry, etc) then you must pop into Abode!

Abode Design

Miller’s extensive history, highlighted here, really shines through with her unique pieces, attention to detail andchicitems for all different price points. Ifyou are looking for a standout item for a small condo, or desire a full blown home makeover, Miller is able to help. Staying within budget, while also transforming spaces has earned Abode Interior Design amazing client reviews and referrals. A common refrain among her clients is that after working with her once, they are now “lifetime clients”.

Abode Designs

Among many things that sets Abode Interior Design apart from the competition is that they have a showroom so clients can lay eyes on pieces in person (instead of being disappointment from an online order) – having this showroom really allows clients to explore and experiment with their preferences! This is another point of distinction between Abode and other design companies — Abode has a mix of retail and design. Most companies either feature lots of retail products withno design help, or they exclusively offer design ideas without the retail to accompany it.Miller has been in this brick-and-mortar space since 2008, and has really enjoyed watching the neighborhood grow. From the once desolate office spaces nearby to the now bustling light rail, apartments & new businesses popping up, Miller has seen it all and is here to stay.


Check them out on Houzz and Pinterestfor even more great ideas and inspiration.

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for a great New Year from!



Sarah Martin


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