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Dilworth Business Series: Charlotte Yarn

Our nextfavorite local business, Charlotte Yarn, can be found at one of Dilworth’s hottest locations – the corner of East and Kenilworth! Whether you’re stopping by it’s neighbor, Menchie’s, for sometasty frozen yogurt, orworking outat Be Yoga, pop in to Charlotte Yarn and see what all the buzz is about.

Remi Haygood, founder of Charlotte Yarn, sat down with us last week to tell us a little more about how it all got started! Check out our Q&A session below:

How long has your business been in Charlotte? Dilworth? We started the business in March 2005, in the Myers Park neighborhood. We moved to Dilworth at Kenilworth Commons in October of 2008.

Why did you choose Dilworth over other areas of Charlotte? I live in Dilworth and just love the neighborhood. It has a lot of independent businesses and great foot traffic. Everywhere you look, you see people walking, running, shopping, and the multitude of restaurants in the area.

What have you come to love about the neighborhood? I really love the people and the fact that many of our shops are locally owned and operated.

What is your favorite lunch spot in Dilworth? Favorite shop? One of my favorite lunch spots is Crisp, who moved into the neighborhood last year. Their salads and sandwiches are fantastic. The staff is super friendly and gives great customer service.

Have you made any “partnerships” or good working relationships with other Dilworth businesses? At Kenilworth Commons, all the shops in the shopping center try to support each other. Many of our customers go to Dilworth Coffee, Foot Solutions, Dilworth Drug, etc.

What has been your favorite experience/most surprising experience about being located in Dilworth and having Dilworth residents as clients? Many of our customers live in Dilworth and it is a nice feeling when you see your customers out in the neighborhood, such as at the grocery store, local eateries, park, or just walking. It is wonderful to have our customers be our neighbors and friends.

What else would you like to community to know about “Charlotte Yarn”? If you are crazy about knitting or crocheting or want to learn how, stop by and visit our warm and friendly yarn shop, where you will be inspired and encouraged, regardless of where you are in your craft. Our goal is to help everyone express their creativity, improve their skills, lower their stress levels and find camaraderie and satisfaction among new friends and old.

If you haven’t had the chance to check out this great shop, take a look at a few photos we snapped on our recent visit.



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