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Dilworth Business Series: Pharmacy in Your Kitchen

The best part of the Dilworth Business Series is learning about new businesses from local entrepreneurs. I met Cheryl Hoover through Amber Brown, who you may remember from a previous DBS article. Amber insisted that I speak with Cheryl because she offers several unique services. Amber gushed, “after a cancer diagnosis and win, Cheryl is on a mission to teach us about healthy eating by using the Pharmacy in our Kitchens to heal our bodies. She is a real live gem!” Here’s our Q&A with Cheryl about her business, Pharmacy in Your Kitchen:

When did you start Pharmacy in Your Kitchen? Pharmacy In Your Kitchen has been evolving for years. I am a registered pharmacist who has experience working in both the hospital and retail settings. A few years ago, I was diagnosed with cancer. I wanted to do something to keep the fear of recurrence from taking hold of my life. I put my medical and research skills to work and started to learn how I could properly nourish my body to help fight cancer and other chronic diseases. I realized that eating more plants would be a big part of my new lifestyle, so I became certified in Plant Based Nutrition. 

I started Pharmacy in Your Kitchen to teach others what I have learned, and to equip them to succeed in making nourishing lifestyle changes. My cooking skills, pharmacist background, cancer diagnosis, and plant-based knowledge are the pillars of an eating philosophy that I would like to share with others. My journey has uniquely prepared me to help clients embrace the power food has on their health. 

What do you love about the Dilworth Neighborhood? We fell in love with Dilworth 25 years ago when we relocated here from Charleston S.C. We had a 200 year old house in Charleston and we definitely wanted something that had that vintage charm in Charlotte as well. We knew right away that this was the neighborhood that we wanted to buy our home in. I love that everyone walks everywhere and stops to talk to their neighbor along the way. I have meet some of my best friends on these streets and while walking my dog in Latta Park. We can’t imagine being anywhere else. 

What has been your favorite experience with Dilworth clients? I have a special bond with my Dilworth clients. Being in close proximity to them helps me support them in a unique way. There is a closeness that develops even if we had never met before. They are part of my community and I am part of theirs. 

Where is your go-to lunch or dinner spot? I love a restaurant that offers lots of fresh, local, seasonal vegetables and serves them in creative ways. One of my favorite places for lunch is the patio at Fern. The menu is small but it never disappoints, and the food is always delicious. (Added bonus of usually waving to a neighbor on East Blvd. as you enjoy the patio.) 

What sets you apart from other local businesses? I honestly don’t think there is anything like Pharmacy In Your Kitchen in Dilworth or all of Charlotte. I offer a nutritional consultation package that uses 3 sessions to learn and retain the information in 3 very different ways. The first session is a one on one nutritional consultation. The second is a pantry and refrigerator assessment in your home. And the third, is a trip to the grocery store to reinforce what you have learned and put it to practical use. 

What else would you like the community to know about Pharmacy in Your Kitchen? I would love to change how and what we eat in Charlotte, and Dilworth is the perfect place for this to gain momentum and really start to grow. I am currently writing the recipes and nutritional information for a book on Brain Health with a local physician. We hope to have it published early next year and have it available locally.

For inquires on Pharmacy in Your Kitchen, please email Cheryl Hoover at



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