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Dilworth Business Series: Rachel Leigh Health

I crossed paths with Rachel Silverman of Rachel Leigh Health through the Dilworth Neighborhood Facebook page. She was gathering personal care items and donations for Dilworth Soup Kitchen’s busy Thanksgiving weekend. I was instantly drawn to her and her unique approach to fitness. Rachel’s strategy combines working out, intuitive eating and self-acceptance for a complete mind, body and soul experience. Here’s my Q&A with Rachel:

When did you start Rachel Leigh Health? I started my in-home personal training business in October of 2018 after realizing that the traditional methods of simply telling clients how to workout and what to eat weren’t enough. I found that even when clients were getting results, they weren’t truly happy with themselves. I wanted to get deeper with clients, specifically women, and help them overcome the constant soundtrack of negative self-talk running through their minds. I set out to help as many women as I could realize how beautiful and unique they are and always have been, regardless of what their body looks like. This realization allows them to strive for a healthier lifestyle from a place a love and respect for themselves, as opposed to their motivation stemming from negative thoughts about themselves. Motivation based on love is what will last.

What do you love about the Dilworth Neighborhood? One of my absolute favorite parts about Dilworth is Freedom Park. Since I moved to Charlotte about 2 years ago, it has been my safe haven for when I’m feeling overwhelmed or craving beauty, nature, comfort, or peace. I also love all the cute local shops and restaurants on East Boulevard, along with the tree-lined neighborhood streets!

What has been your most surprising experience with Dilworth clients? One of my Dilworth clients and I discovered that we were both from West Virginia, went to West Virginia University, and chose to move to Charlotte out of love for the city, as opposed to moving for a particular job. It’s been really fun to talk about all our favorite WV and CLT spots!

Where is your go-to lunch or dinner spot? For lunch or working on my laptop, The People’s Market is my go-to spot. I love the light, airy, easy-going vibe there. My favorite dinner spot is 300 East. I recently ordered the sweet potato ravioli, and it was to die for!

What sets you apart from other local businesses? My business is unique because I travel directly to your home for our training sessions and bring all the necessary equipment. Women today are juggling the demands of family, friends, careers, social obligations, and so much more. Rachel Leigh Health aims to help these busy women incorporate health and fitness into their lives so they can show up their best-selves.

What else would you like the community to know about Rachel Leigh Health? I would like the Dilworth community to know that living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be complicated. I help my clients figure out their deepest motivation for wanting to be healthy, and then we come up with a simple, flexible, and strategic plan to incorporate movement and nutritious eating into their daily life. My goal for each and every client is to make sure the positive changes we make together last a lifetime and not just a few weeks or months. 

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