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Dilworth Business Series: Sweet Clover Landscapes

Fall is the perfect season for a landscaping refresh! I contacted Alex Berkowitz with Sweet Clover Landscapes because her sustainable strategy is so unique. She only uses organic fertilizers and sprays, plus she offers a really unique “kitchen garden” that makes it easier to prep healthy meals. Read more on our Q&A:

When did you start Sweet Clover Landscapes? I started Sweet Clover Landscapes around two years ago when I saw there was a huge demand for personalized gardens in Charlotte. I wanted to add a little color and originality to the landscapes in the neighborhoods because they all seemed so green and similar. I think a lot of the landscape companies here either lack imagination, maybe don’t have a wide plant knowledge, or just copy what the neighbors have because it’s easy. We don’t do that, we take the time with our clients to create their dream garden. I’ve been doing for 7 years in New York City where I did high end rooftop and seaside homes. 

What do you love about the Dilworth Neighborhood? Besides the incredible neighborhood feel, I love the diversity in the architecture of the homes. You can walk around the community and find stately homes and adorable bungalows in the same area. 

What has been your most surprising experience with Dilworth clients? Dilworth clients are so wonderful and inviting to their home. I have a fantastic client in Dilworth that invites me for dinner after I work in their garden. How amazing is that?! We’ve developed a dear friendship that I’m so grateful for. 

Where is your go-to lunch or dinner spot? My go-to lunch spot is Yafo. I feel like I’m getting a healthy meal with tons of variety. And their hummus is great. My go-to dinner spot has to be Fran’s Filling Station. You have to ask for their daily specials. Delicious! 

What sets you apart from other local businesses? I am a high-end highly personalized garden design and install company. I design special gardens that are tailored to your individual taste. I take the time to get to know the client, their likes and dislikes, and plant a garden of their dreams.

What else would you like the community to know about Sweet Clover Landscapes? Two things! We are a sustainable landscaping company, so we only use organic fertilizers and sprays. We source from local businesses, such as local growers and we support our local garden centers. Community is everything to us. Also, I was a professional chef for 8 years, and worked on two certified organic farms, so we LOVE creating kitchen gardens for our clients. Having fresh and organic vegetables and herbs to pick from your own garden is the best feeling in the world. It’s healthy, you can get your kids involved in the process, and you cut down on trips to the grocery store.



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