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Dilworth Business Series: Theory Design Studio

had so much fun checking out one of Dilworth’s newest assets recently: Theory Design Studio.  If you have not had the chance to stop in and check out their store, you must do it…and soon.  They have done a brilliant (and beautiful) job at blending stunning, affordable home decor items with larger and bolder statement pieces. Not to mention they have got the loveliest candles we have ever smelled and the most clever cards and fun gifts for that friend who has everything and is impossible to buy for – you will seriously love this place.

Whether you are looking for chic, gold accent pieces, unique bookends, incredible wall art, a statement chandelier, throw pillows, or even warm, natural pieces, Theory Design Studio is sure to meet (and even exceed) your needs.

Theory Design Studio

As if their store wasn’t breathtaking enough, they also offer their design expertise to their customers!  If you are struggling with ideas as to how to decorate a particular room, or are looking for one final piece to complete your home, they are happy to offer their suggestions and even pull pieces for you to review at your leisure.

Theory Design Studio in Dilworth Charlotte

We had the pleasure of stopping in and catching up with co-owner, Emily Hudgens (and her playful dog, Max- if you can’t tell, he loves the camera).  Take a look at the Q&A with one of our newest favorite places in Charlotte:

Theory Design Studio - Max

How long has your business been in Charlotte? Theory Design Studio has been in business in Charlotte for over 3 years now as an interior design firm lead by Emily Hudgens and Toni Hollingsworth.  We have been at our current location since February 2016 and our new home and gift boutique just recently opened on June 11, 2016.

Why did you choose Dilworth over other areas in Charlotte? The overall welcoming and family-friendly atmosphere of the neighborhood along with the great variety of businesses led to us choosing Dilworth.

What have you come to love about the neighborhood? We love the unique mix of old and new that you can find from the homes and businesses in the neighborhood.

What is your favorite experience or most surprising experience about being located in Dilworth or having Dilworth clients? We can’t get enough of new customers coming into the store and telling us how excited they are that we’re here and that they love our products!

What is your favorite lunch or dinner spot in Dilworth? Kid Cashew is an easy walk and a new favorite lunch spot for our team.  We also love to visit Foxcroft Wine in the evenings for dinner.

What sets you apart from other design studios in Charlotte? Our team sets us apart!  We have a fantastic team of award-winning designers and retail gurus that know and love the industry.

We strive to offer unique pieces and affordable options in our home & gift boutique so there is something for everyone!

What else would you like the community to know about Theory Design Studio? Customers can expect to find gifts, accessories, pillows, lamps, artwork, furniture and more in the retail store.  We offer design services for both residential and commercial projects and we also have a strong presence in the building industry with our model home merchandising services.  We can tackle as little or as much as you need us to!



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