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Dilworth Home Tour- Video Sneak Peek Part I

For those who cannot wait to attend the 40th Annual Dilworth Home Tour, I’ve been given the privilege to film a video tour of a few homes and share with my readers! In addition to the video below, we did a quick Q & A session with the homeowners, so we can get even more behind-the-scenes information. First up, a beautiful home on Kingston Drive:

-What drew you to your home vs. any of the others that were on the market at the time? The house had large living spaces and so many original architectural details that attracted us. In addition the dead end street was hard to pass up – at the time we had a baby boy and now that we have 3 little boys, the location has definitely proved to be something we really value for throwing a ball, playing with the dog and riding bikes!

-What quirks or special features have you come to love? So many it’s hard to list them out! Our house if full of quirky turns, hidden built-ins and endless character. Some of our favorite features include the inlaid wood floors, the original wall paneling in the hallway and downstairs playroom, the built-in butlers cabinets, the brass handrail leading upstairs, the pocket doors, 6 fireplaces and certainly the murals in the dining room.

-Have any recent renovations or rehab work been completed to your home? We recently painted the exterior and replaced the roof (not so exciting updates ::) We also just completed a facelift in the kitchen where we re-finished the floors, painted the cabinetry and added some open-concept shelves along one wall. In the future we hope to update the upstairs bathrooms in a way that keeps with the original character – we love our clawfoot tub!

-What are some of your favorite shops/restaurants/services in the neighborhood? One of my favorite perks about living in Dilworth (and what initially attracted us to Dilworth when we moved to Charlotte) was the close proximity of coffee shops, parks, restaurants, and my personal fav – interiors shops! I frequent Alexander Scott for a new pillow or mirror, Paper Skyscraper or Cottage Chic for a divine candle for the living room, and also love the personal attention and friendly faces at local businesses like Dilworth Drug and Dilworth Pediatrics. And it doesn’t hurt that Starbucks is so close for a quick soy latte on Saturday morning.

-Are there any memories that stick out as especially fond over the years that you’ve spent there? No matter where we go in the future this will always be the house where we raised our little boys. They have come to love the nooks and cranies, the big old tub upstairs that fits all 3 boys for a bath at once (!), hiding in the corner by the basement and spending endless hours with the neighbors children. -Any other interesting facts that your neighbors or the community would find fun or interesting? We have some documentation from previous owners that states that for a long time this house was divided up into apartments. The current family room (which originally was the dining room) was an apartment at one time and so was the area where the kitchen is now. The stairwell was covered in murals and there was a sink on the wall in the master bedroom next to the closet.

The stunning interior decorating was done by Kathy Wilder Interiors! Feel free to contact her at

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