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Dilworth Home Tour- Video Sneak Peek Part II

1516 Lynway Drive

The next stop on our Dilworth Home Tour Video Sneak Peek is on Lynway Drive. If you like what you see, don’t forget to stop by the 40th Annual Dilworth Home Tour on Friday, Septebmer 21st and Saturday, September 22nd. Here’s the video and interview with the owners:

-What drew you to your home vs. any of the others that were on the market at the time? Owners: We recently built our dream home from the ground up (completed April 2012). We have always wanted to design and build a home and we were so happy to find a good lot in Dilworth on a great street. We were already familiar with the design and attention to detail of Joe Dancy of Dancy Properties through mutual friends, and he turned out to be the perfect builder to build our home.

-What quirks or special features have you come to love? Owners: We love many things about our new home including the geothermal AC system (saves on A/C and heating bills), the screened porch, the kitchen, and overall layout of the house.

-Have any recent renovations or rehab work been completed to your home? Owners: No additional renovations since we just finished this house this year, but the construction process was quite interesting from start to finish. We got to watch the transformation from a 1951 one-story ranch to a hole in the ground to our dream home. Joe Dancy and our Architect David King with Kingfisher Designs did a great job of transforming our ideas into a finished product.

-What are some of your favorite shops/restaurants/services in the neighborhood? Owners: We love how convenient everything is and enjoy walking to Freedom Park and Latta Park and jogging on the Greenway trails. A few of our favorite restaurants include 131 Main (if it ever opens again!), Bad Daddys, 300 East (for the desserts) and Cantina.

-Are there any memories that stick out as especially fond over the years that you’ve spent there? Owners: Though we just moved into our house, we have lived in Dilworth for several years. Cory moved to Dilworth in 2005 and Carrie moved to Dilworth in 2007 when we got married. We have great memories of walking our dogs around Dilworth.

-Any other interesting facts that your neighbors or the community would find fun or interesting? Owners: We both love college football, our two year old daughter Hannah, and our two miniature dachshunds.

Enjoy the video:

Stay tuned for Part III!



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