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Dilworth Home Tour – Video Sneak Peek Part III

As mentioned in Dilworth Home Tour – Video Sneak Peek Part I, I had the privilege to film a video preview of a few homes being featured in the 40th Annual Dilworth Home Tour. This next Q & A session and video comes from Linganore Place:

What drew you to your home vs. any of the others that were on the market at the time? Owners: We loved the privacy of the lot and the swimming pool. Even though it is on a corner lot, it is very private as it sits up on a hill. We loved its location being so close to Uptown as well.

What quirks or special features have you come to love? Owners: The views from the windows were another feature that drew us to the home. The layout isextremely livable as well. We love the gathering areas in the back yard both under the awning and down by the fireplace in cooler weather.

Has any recent renovations or rehab work been completed to your home?

Owners: When we bought the home, we gutted the master bath and did quite a few moreminor renovations inside and out. We added the outdoor fireplace.

What are some of your favorite shops/restaurants/services in the neighborhood?Owners: Trader Joes, Target, Vivace, 300 East, Dilworth Drugs

Are there any memories that stick out as especially fond over the years that you’ve spent there? Owners: Being embraced with open arms by the neighbors on my street during a very difficult time. Discovering the wonderful community spirit in Dilworth.

Enjoy the video!



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