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Dilworth Home Tour – Video Sneak Peek Part IV

The next home on our Dilworth Home Tour Video Sneak Peek is on Magnolia Avenue! It has been transformed from an old-fashioned bungalow to a completely remodeled two story home. For more information on the upcoming home tour check out our previous blog post, Dilworth Home Tour – 40th Anniversary orvisit Dilworth Online. Take a look at the Q&A session and video below:

-What drew you to your home vs. any of the others that were on the market at the time? I was drawn to the home for several reasons, including the beautiful hardwood floors, thelayout with a master bedroom on the second living, and the wonderful Southern front porch that I use so often now. The other houses on the market at the time didn’t have the charm, nice yard, or overall appeal that this home did for me.

-What quirks or special features have you come to love? I really love the built-in fireplace in the backyard. Guests often comment that it’s very unique, which it is, and quite fun to gather around and roast s’mores. -Have any recent renovations or rehab work been completed to your home? The home underwent a huge renovation in 2005 which took the home from a small single-story 1945 bungalow to a completely renovated two-story home. Since I’ve lived in the home, I’ve completed several renovations myself, from installing a modern-style back splash in the kitchen to having sliding screen doors installed on most all of the doors to the home. -What are some of your favorite shops/restaurants/services in the neighborhood? Some of my favorite shops and restaurants in the neighborhood include RuSan for sushi and Handpicked for interesting costume jewelry. My favorite service in the neighborhood has to be Screenmobile which installed all of the screen doors in my home. -Are there any memories that stick out as especially fond over the years that you’ve spent there? The housewarming party that I threw after living in the home for several months sticks out as a fond memory because so many of my family, friends and work colleagues came to the party (some traveling from the Midwest to attend!) to help me celebrate my first home that it was a really special gathering in the house that I’ll always remember warmly.

-Any other interesting facts that your neighbors or the community would find fun or interesting? One fact that my neighbors shared with me is that my home was the first home on the street to undergo a massive renovation and that other houses on the street would later follow that same path.



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