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Dilworth’s Hot Market!

I hear the question from sellers every week: Why is now a great time to sell my home in Dilworth?

Both fall & spring markets are “hot”. And fall is right around the corner! Interest rates are still low and financial forecasters report they are likely only going to slowly and steadily rise from here (we’re on the bottom of the 10 year bell curve). I know that RIGHT NOW there is little inventory out there and buyers are motivated by interest rates.

Charlotte remains a popular place for all types of people looking to make a move from other states and continues to grow each year. There are many Fortune 500 companies and a plethora of other businesses moving to Charlotte; I have had several clients from some of the new corporate additions including NASCAR, MetLife, Electrolux, Siemens, and Novant Medical Group. Not to mention Chiquita, Duke Energy, and the banking industry. I see this influx of companies & their employees positively affecting Charlotte for several years to come (Siemens, for example, has only sent a portion of their employees up from Orlando at this point).

Take a look at this inventory chart for further “proof in the pudding”:

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Dilworth Stats August 2013



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