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Enjoy Latta Park

This weekend is the perfect weekend to enjoy Latta Park! Temperatures are forecasted to stay in the 80s, which is a relief from Charlotte’s notorious 100 degree of summer.

Latta Park spans over 32 acres in Dilworth at 601 East Park Avenue. It erected in 1897 and was named after Edward Dilworth Latta, the early 20th century Charlotte real estate developer in which the Dilworth neighborhood was also named after.

It truly is the neighborhood’s most popular amenity! Residents are seen riding their bikes or walking their dogs to enjoy the picnic shelter with grill site. The park features multiple basketball courts, tennis courts, soccer fields, and fitness trails in addition to a volleyball court, multipurpose field, and playground. Latta Park is one of five Charlotte parks that include a “sprayground,”, a water themed playground with spray nozzles. There are truly options for everyone – whether you’d like to get in a workout, or simply find a shady spot to read a book – enjoy Latta Park!



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