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Fall Day in Dilworth

Ahhh, it’s finally fall in Dilworth. The weather is cooler, the days are shorter and the smell of firewood is in the air. Embrace the season for the “perfect fall day.”

Grab a latte at The People’s Market and cross the street to pick out a pumpkin at the Dilworth Pumpkin Patch. There’s a huge selection to choose from for your perfect jackolantern. Tall and skinny, short and stubby, or something more well-rounded? Dilworth Pumpkin Patch has it all!

You’ve worked up an appetite with all of this pumpkin-picking. A few new businesses have recently opened so head over to Park Square Small Shops to check them out. Taco Mama has an amazing back patio that is perfect for a cozy, casual lunch. After lunch, stop by New York Butcher Shoppe to pick up something to grill for dinner. If you’re still hungry, the Butcher Shoppe also has a large selection of cheese and charcuterie (and wine, of course!).

Spend the rest of the afternoon walking the neighborhood to truly appreciate all of the incredible Halloween decorations. Front porches along the Historic District are packed with pumpkins, mums and skeletons. Be sure to check out Dilworth Road West and Worthington Avenue. New(er) construction homes have their lawns decked out with blow up dragons, scarecrows and gigantic spider webs. Don’t miss Ideal Way and Magnolia Avenue.

For dinner, fire up the grill and enjoy the cooler weather! It is the perfect time to relax around a firepit and start carving your jackolantern. Fall is all about slowing down, taking pause and enjoying your surroundings.

How would you describe your perfect fall day in Dilworth? Share your thoughts on Facebook or Instagram and tag #DilworthCharlotte!



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