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Fighting Your Home’s Tax Value in Charlotte

Dilworth Kitchen

Unless they take a personal look at your Dilworth home, county appraisers assume that your

tax value is similar to your neighbors. Their kitchen may look like this… and if yours isn’t as updated, make mention of it!

If you are unhappy with your current tax assessment and are wondering whether or not toappealit, think about this:

Almost 1 in 3 people who requested an informal review following 2003 Mecklenburg County revaluations were granted a lower tax value.


The key to getting the reassessment you want is to have a strong case. Being very familiar withyour property’s value (how do fare in comparision with your other Dilworth neighbors?) and becoming knowledgable about details that you can use to prove your point will help immensely with this process.

Dilworth Cottage

If you look like Subject A (left) and your neighbor is the size of Subject B (right) and your values are the same or similar, send this information in for a personal “human” reassessment.

So what do you need to do?

  1. Make sure you have a strong case for appeal:

  2. Instead of grumbling about higher taxes, make sure that you have concrete evidence that you need a lower assessment. For example, find out if there are discrepancies between your house and your neighbor’s house.

  3. Don’t lollygag! The deadline is March 10, 2011… and appraisers need time to get the appraisal done.

  4. It’s best to let the appraiser find comps. If you try to compile your own you may end up recieving a letter from the County stating that they do not agree with your choice of comps and you will be denied your reassessment. If you want to provide your own comps, consider asking a real estate agent for accurate, realistic comps (there is a certain mileage, date range, and value difference to take into consideration).



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