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Front Entry First Impressions

The front entry of your Dilworthhome is the face of your home and should be well maintained and designed. Dilworth residents take great pride in the look and location of their homes but the front entry can often be overlooked in the design scheme.

Front Entry

Granite countertops, wood floors and upgraded appliances make for amazing interior updates but without an impressive front entry your neighbors, guests and potential buyers may not give your home the credit it deserves. Take these tips to help your home reach its fullest potential and become the star of the Dilworth neighborhood.

Front Porch

Front Door Consider the front doorto be anintroduction to your home. Front doors with windows offer lots of natural sunlight. By using an install-ready prehung door, you can make an easy front entry upgrade in a day.

Lighting Exterior lights add safety and illumination, which accents the front of yourhouse. When deciding on your homes entrylighting, be sure to pick a style that complements your home’s unique architecture.

Plants Plants act as a visual anchorfor anentry and provide a natural feeling at your front entry. Make sure the containers you put them in are weatherproof to prevent damage during severe weather.

Walkway Its easy to turn a concrete stoop into a showpiece by capping the treads and risers with stone, split-brick, or limestone pavers. By taking the time to design a beautiful walkway, your house has the beginnings of the perfect entry.

Sprucing up these four areas can greatly improve your homes first impression, value and make it a focal point in the Dilworth neighborhood.

Front Porch

Talk to the fabulous staff over at Luxe Home Couture or the folks at Cottage Chic for more entry way advice. If you’re interested in checking out any homes for sale in the Dilworth neighborhood or selling your Dilworth home, feel free to email me. There are some great homes to buy and sell in Dilworth!



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