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Good Food on Montford

Good Food on Montford is just a couple minutes outside of the Dilworth neighborhood and well worth the drive. Good Food on Montford is located on Montford Dr near the Park Rd Shopping Center, Dilworth, South Park Mall and Myers Park. Reservations are nearly required as the restaurant is small, intimate and popular. We had reservations and arrived to find our table set and ready to go. We got the full VIP treatment when we arrived and were more than excited to find our reservations landed us seats at the very exclusive chefs table.. guess it pays to know people 🙂

The chefs table is a secluded area in the back of the restaurant where you can sit and watch as the chef prepares all of the decadent desserts and mouth-watering entrees right in front of you. Mesmerized by the skillful hands of a master at work, ordering our food took longer than usual but we eventually got around to it.

Good Food on Montford is a tapas style restaurant and suggest people get at least 2 plates each to allow for the best experience. We were in a group of four and ended up getting almost one of everything on the menu. This is just the stuff I can remember…

  1. Crispy quail lettuce wrap with marinated cucumber, Asian pear & chili

  2. Price Edward Island mussels with green curry, coconut milk & cilantro

  3. Pomme frites with truffle oil, fresh herbs & parmigiano reggiano

  4. Steamed bun with a five spice rubbed pork belly, hoisin & pickled vegetables

  5. Braised duck fettuccini pancetta with peas & sweet onion cream

  6. Chilled noodles with braised pork, pickled watermelon rind, cashews & sesame dressing

The idea of tapas is that the plates are small and sharing is encouraged. We played musical plates for the evening and continuously passed around all of the plates until there was nothing left.

Of all of the tapas restaurants I have been to, Good Food on Montford was easily the best. I’m not the biggest fan of small plates and big prices but Good Food on Montford made it worth it. Being able to sit with the chef and watch culinary masterpieces come to life before our eyes was amazing and everything we ate was refreshing, creative and unique. If you’re anywhere near the Park Rd Shopping Center and want something outside your usual, check out Good Food on Montford. Just make sure you have reservations.

Written by Curtis B of


Sarah Martin


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