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Handpicked in Dilworth

Since 1986, Handpicked has been creating handcrafted sterling silver jewelry and monogramed gifts in the Dilworth neighborhood. Melanie Mauldin started Handpicked in Columbia, SC with more than a love of fashion, but also a passion for her land and natives of Mexico. Handpicked was founded to bring meaning to her life and a calling to unite the village markets of Mexico and her home country. Through her vision, Melanie Mauldin has not only built successful family business, but has also helped build better lives for the silversmiths families that created HandPicked treasures for more than 20 years.

HandPicked has evolved over the years from a small operation working through home shows and holiday markets to a multistate family-owned chain. The Handpicked company mission is to provide a fun environment to help women express who they are or who they would like to be.

In 2007, Melanie Mauldin established a non-profit initiative named HeartPicked.

“This is a way for HandPicked and it’s customers to have a direct impact on the lives of women and children in need in every community where a HandPicked location can be found”, says Melanie Mauldin.

HeartPicked has also partnered with The Nurturing Center, A Child’s Haven and HALOS to further its community impact. Handpicked holds special events and donates a portion of the proceeds to each of the organizations to provide parenting education, physical, social and mental support, schools supplies and summer camp opportunities.If you would like more information about HeartPicked, please contact Karen Hiter at



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Call / Text: 704.604.2445

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