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Midwood Smokehouse

The Dilworth neighborhoodhas a vast selection of amazing dining options. especially the old southern tradition of bbq! Macs Speed Shop and Midwood Smokehouse are two of the Dilworth areas top contenders and tonight we check out Midwood Smokehouse.This was our second trip to Midwood Smokehouse and probably not our last. Its owned by Frank Scibelli.. or in other words the same creative mind behind Pacos Tacos and Tequila, Mama Ricottas, Bad Daddy”s Burger Bar and Cantina 1511.

On our last trip we tried the pulled pork and thought it was good… not great. So this time we got the beef brisket and it was amazing. Rewind for a sec… to start the night out we got our favorite appitizer, the pimento cheese fries.Crinkle-cut fries topped with homemadepimento cheese and shredded BBQ pork isabsolutelydelicious!

Top it off with some ranch dressing (bc everything is better with ranch dressing) and you”ve got the perfect way to start the meal.

So then our meal arrived.. well almost. It took nearly 20 minutes before our food arrived, which for somethingthat”sbeen cooking all day and is probably already done when we order it… seemed like way too long to wait. The wait ended up being more than worth it though, the beef brisket was the best we had ever eaten. So tender that it quite literally pulled apart with the greatest of ease and “We think that the possible lack of regulating Internet gaming inside the US must change,” stated Wynn, leader of Vegas online casino company Wynn Resorts, inside a statement in 2011. melted in our mouths. The edges were seasoned and burnt to a delicious crisp that we justcouldn”tget enough of.

Make sure you get a couple buns with the pulled pork or brisket plates though… for some reason neither plates come with buns to eat the bbq with. we got a couple buns for our brisket and they came out buttered and toasted. We made the brisket into sandwich”s and topped them with the side of cole slaw which ended up being the only way we could eat the cole slaw. Its nowhere near as good as Snoops Grill, or even KFC for that matter. The plate also came with some hushpuppies which are always delicious. Fried balls of bread… so delicious!!!

Our absolutley favorite thing at Midwood Smokehouse is the bacon wrapped jalepenos. If you check the Foodies favorites page you”ll see the bacon wrapped jalepenos won our pick for Best use of Bacon. Just the right amount of heat with a cheese filling wrapped in the delicious sweetness of bacon… absolutely freaking delicious!

If you run behind the building you”ll find some of what makes the Midwood neighborhood so unique.. an entire graffiti collage!

And if you go a little bit further you even see the mound of wood used to make all of the delicious bbq!

We hate that the plates dont come with buns and the cole slaw is awful, other than that… the place rocks! We love the food and love the location. This is an easy recommendation for anybody looking to get great food and specifically great beef brisket 🙂

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