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Mortgage Option for Dilworth Physicians

The Dilworth neighborhood is home to many Charlotte business professionals. From lawyers and judges to dentists and doctors, the Dilworth neighborhood boasts some of the most talented individuals and most sought after real estate in Charlotte.

Dilworth House

This deal may have been conceived for Doctors only, but its such a great deal it may make you want to go through medical school to get it as well. SunTrust Mortgage is now offering a Doctor Loan Program designed with these details:

  1. The loan must be locked between 4/14/11 and 6/25/11

  2. The home must close on or before 9/22/11

  3. For licensed medical physicians who have completed their residency within the last ten years. – Up to 100% financing for loan amounts up to $650,000 – Maximum loan amount of $1.5 million

  4. For Residents, Interns and Fellows. – Up to 100% financing – Maximum loan amount of $417,000

  5. No Mortgage Insurance

  6. Available for purchases and refinances

In today’s real estate market, you cant wait to let a great deal go by and that stays true for this amazing mortgage offer. If you’re interested in checking out any homes for sale in the Dilworth neighborhood or selling your Dilworth home, feel free to email me. There are some great homes to buy and sell in Dilworth!



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