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Selling Your Dilworth Neighborhood Home – Part 1

Dilworth neighborhood home buyers looking topurchase a house in Charlotte, NC’s prestigious Dilworth neighborhood have the upper-hand in today”s real estate market. Low mortgage rates, a high foreclosure inventory and anxious sellers have made this the best time to buy a house in decades, but home buyers aren’t just throwing their money around carelessly. Buyers are looking for key features in a home that make it stand out from the others and make them feel like they’re getting an amazing deal. If you’re interested in finding out what you can do to make your house more appealing to potential buyers, check out this list.

Dilworth Neighborhood

All About The Appearances Buyers are looking to get a home in great condition and well maintained. In a slow real estate recovery, buyers and mortgage lenders aren’t quick to take on the burden of a house that appears to need evenmore money to fix up. Buyers often have limited cash resources and are looking for the type of home they can envision themselves moving straight into without investing alot into costly home repairs..

Frame of Mind Its been well documented that today’s real estate market is being controlled by buyers, and potential buyers know that. With this power, buyers are focusing on negotiating an amazing deal and less likely to crack under pressure. Buyers know they have a large selection of homes available to them and they don’t have to settle on something that doesn’t meet their expectations. the best advice for sellers is torepair, update, clean and stage. The more you make your house appear to be exactly what they want it to be, the more likely you will be able to find a buyer for your house.

Outdoor Spaces

Screen porches, outdoor kitchens and two-way fireplaces can go along way in making your house appear more versatile than your neighbors. A lot of people today are looking for usable outdoor space where they can relax in their own private world away from uptown Charlotte. Planting beautiful low maintenance annual plants, flowers and trees, or installing stone walkways, fountains or gardens can often be the advantage you need in selling your home.

Dilworth Porch

It may be a buyers market, but Dilworth neighborhood residents looking to sell their home can rest assure. There are plenty of ways to make your home stand out from the competition. If you would like more information on selling your Dilworth home feel free to contact me at



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