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Selling Your Dilworth Neighborhood Home – Part 3

Dilworth House

If you’re a Dilworth home seller looking for every advantage to selling your Dilworth neighborhood home, you’ve come to the right place.In todaysrecovering real estate market, Dilworth homebuyers are looking for several key features in your home that will make it stand out fromall others and make them feel like there is no way they can walk away from your house without buying it. Here are some ideas on what you can do to make your Dilworth house really shine.

Re-used Materials

Recycling has been a part of our country for years, but the idea is just now coming around to building materials. Though only a small number of buyers may be looking for a home with recycled materials, a large number of buyers are often impressed and intrigued by the use of some of today’s building materials. Reclaimed pine flooring, re-glazed terra-cotta tiles and alternative stone counters can all be used to give your house a different feel than the competition.


Smaller spaces being more effectively used are a strong part of the real estate market. There is a growing number of people realizing they don’t need the largest house in the city, they just need enough space to live comfortably. Formal living rooms and the “fine-china” are giving way to entertainment rooms and home offices. Utilizing small spaces for storage and re-purposing a room can often make a stuffy house feel like a home to a potential buyer.

Your Neighborhood Castle

Luxury living never goes out of style and regardless of the real estate price range buyers are looking for the look and feel of high-end touches. Bedroom refrigerators, coffee bars, stainless steel appliances and granite counter-tops all give the feel of luxury without ever leaving your home. By adding small luxurious options to your house buyers will feel like its worth way more than you’re asking for.

Dilworth House

Home buying and selling can be a mind-whirling experience, but the proper staging, planning and pricing can improve the experience for everybody. If you’ve triedto sell your Dilworth home and haven’t had any luck, review the tips we covered and see what you may be missing.



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