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Top Ten Restaurant’s for Dilworth – Part 1

Looking for some where to eat this weekend in Dilworth? How about treat yourself to some of Charlotte’s hottest restaurants located right here in Dilworth? From burgers to besaega, Dilworth offers a wide range of culinary delights that are sure to please even the hardest-to-please foodies. Here’s the scoop on Dilworth”s best eateries as ranked by local foodies on UrbanSpoon:

1) Big Daddy’s Burger Bar

Dilworth burger connoisseur’s are crazy about Big Daddy’s and it shows. Ranked 3rd Overall Best Restaurant in Charlotte and #1 for Dilworth on, Big Daddy’s is quickly becoming the place to eat in Dilworth. Huge burgers,a bustling bar (yet still family friendly) and smiling staff aren”t the only thing Big Daddy’s is using to gain its success, they are run by the same people that runsome of Charlotte’s other hottest restaurants (keep reading…). Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner or even a gluten free menu you’re looking for, you won’t be disappointed at Big Daddy’s Burger Bar.

Charlotte, N.C.

2) Ru Sans

Sushi and seafood is Ru Sans claim to fame. Coming in at13th Overall for Charlotte and 2nd for the Dilworth neighborhood, Ru Sans has become the Dilworth Sushi Mecca for raw fish loving foodies. Located at 2440 Park Rd and only blocks from both Freedom Park and Latta Park, Ru Sans makes for a quick stop if you”re looking for the best sushi Dilworth has to offer.

3) Mama Ricottas

Coming in at 14th overall for Charlotte and 3rd Best in Diworth, Mama Ricottas is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Coming from the same family tree as Big Daddy’s, Cantina 1511, Paco’s Taco’s and Plate Perfect Catering, Mama Ricotta”s was bred for success. From the calamari to the Cannolicchi Pesto, Mama Ricottas has a huge menu of Italian creations that are sure to please even the pickiest of eaters.

4) Cantina 1511

Mexican food is fast becoming a huge genre in therestaurant scene and Cantina 1511 is leading the way. With chefs trained in authentic Mexican cooking techniques, its not hard to see why this restaurant is fast becoming one Charlottes hottest restaurants. Tortillas and cheeses aremade in-house as well ascopious amounts of freshspices and ingredients from Mexico. So whether youre looking for Vegetarian Taquitos or Pescado Vera Cruz, you”ll find it and love it at Cantina 1511.

5) 300 East

Wrapping up the “Top 5 for Dilworth is 300 East. It is easily the place to go for upscale dining thats sure to impress. Located in the heart of Dilworth, 300 East has been serving up mouth watering culinary creations for over twenty years and is still one of the hottest places to get dinner in Dilworth. With a seasonally changing menu and a skilled team of chefs in the kitchen, you are in for a culinary wonderland of flavor”s that will leave you craving more.

Check back for Part 2 on Thursday and we will be wrapping up the Top Ten Restaurants In Dilworth. Happy Dining!



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