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A Bright Idea: Indoor Plants

Heading into the fall and winter months, and not to mention the daylight hours already decreasing, I thought there’d be no better time to talk about brightening things up with one of my favorite home trends: indoor plants!

These happy, leafy plants are responsible for purifying the air in your home, increasing overall health, sharpening focus and keeping airborne dust levels down (among other benefits)! I’ve personally found that the beauty and brightness of indoor plants livens up my living space and increases my mood.  Take a look at the photos below for further proof of how a little greenery can transform your space:

With indoor plants

Without indoor plants

Even if you don’t have a green thumb, here are a few basic rules to keep in mind for maintaining healthy, living indoor plants. Also keep in mind that a quick google search for a specific type of plant or a stop by my favorite nursery, Campbell’s Greenhouses, off South Boulevard can easily put you on the right track:

  1. Provide your plant with consistent water, keeping the soil moist, but not wet. Watch out for signs of over-hydration include: discolored leaves, lack of leaf growth and loss of leaves. Also, watch out for signs of dehydration: slow leaf growth, brown and dried leaf edges, and and lower leaves becoming yellow and curled.

  2. Use room temperature water.

  3. Select a pot that has good drainage.

  4. Choose an area in your home that gets adequate sunlight. Since all plants differ on how much sunlight they need, a quick online search will point you in the right direction of where it should be located.

  5. Once you’ve chosen that spot, don’t move the plant around a lot!

  6. Regularly prune the plant.

I’m hopeful that these few tips will increase your confidence in your indoor plant abilities! They’ve really enhanced my spaces and I’m hopeful they’ll do the same for you too.

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