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Calling All Art Lovers

If strolling from art gallery to art gallery with friends, a glass of wine & hors d’oeuvres sounds like your idea of a perfect Friday night, then listen up! The first Friday of every month (so, this Friday) Southend hosts a neighborhood gallery crawl and this Friday happens to be their semi-annual partnership with Dilworth’s Artisan Station…a two-for-one! Some of the local artists include: Ada Shapiro, Alla Ostrovsky, Claire Jacobs, Holt School of Fine Art, Janine Medlin, Larry Elder Art Consultancy, Sharon Hockfield, Stephanie Neely & Terri Otten.

Grab a light coat, gather up your friends and hit the streets – we can’t wait for this special evening!

Southend Galleries:

Coffey & Thompson Gallery (with additional fine art on display at South End Kitchens Design Studio)

Vane Gallery (limited public hours)

Dilworth Artisan Station:

118 E. Kingston Avenue




Sarah Martin


Call / Text: 704.604.2445

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