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Charlotte Nature Museum

The Nature Museum at Freedom Park in Dilworth is a great place to go for a family day out. Withnumerous activities throughout the museum you’ll be sure to have a blast. Take a walk through a butterfly pavilion and discover all kinds of plants and animals while learning fun facts about local wildlife. The Charlotte Nature Museum provides a whole day learning by experiencing wildlife through live animal exhibits and interactive education programs.

Charlotte Nature Museum

The Museum is separated into these sections:

  1. Beginnings – explore the life cycle of young animals Creature Cavern – Get close to opossums, owls, snakes, skinks, skunks and more Butterfly Pavilion – Walk among butterflies and watch them as they grow Insect Alley – view tiny insects and explore their world. Our Big Backyard – Discover the world underground Paw Paw Nature Trail – Take a walk through the woods and see local wildflowers

Latta Park in Dilworth

Latta Park in Dilworth

Kids can sit around and enjoy Grandpa Tree and his forest friends as they tell stories by the nighttime campfire or catch a Puppet Show. Museum trips are not only fun for the whole family but they can turn out to be great shopping trips as well! Gift shops have many unique and educational toys that are perfect for decorating a kid’s room. With all of the indoor and outdoor exhibits available its always a greattime to visit the Charlotte Nature Museum and adds to the list of fun things to do around Dilworth. If you’re interested in checking out any homes for sale in the Dilworth neighborhood or selling your Dilworth home, feel free to email me. There are some great homes to buy and sell in Dilworth!



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