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Dilworth Business Series: BettyRuth Baby

We are excited to introduce to you a first in our Business Series – a concierge business, BettyRuth Baby! This in-home baby consulting service, was founded by Meigan Alexander, and we had the privilege of sitting down with her recently – she is warm, inviting and incredibly knowledgable.

Whether you are currently pregnant, or have just given birth to your newest bundle of joy, Meigan is the woman to call!  She saw a need to help new mothers, and coupled with her own experience and passion formed the most brilliant and helpful concierge service.

As she puts it, today’s society is very “transient” – new mothers may not always have family around to help them navigate those first several months, so that’s where she comes alongside to help guide, counsel and be a solid resource for any and every question or situation a mom may be dealing with. As you’ll see in our Q&A, she specializes from “bumps to boobs”! And, as a Certified Lactation Consultant, she is that calm, non-judgmental voice of support you are looking for.

There truly is nothing she hasn’t thought of to make life easier for her clients! As part of her services, you will also be introduced to other businesses she’s partnered with in Charlotte – all with you, the new mom, in mind. 

Follow her on Facebook (BettyRuth Baby – notice the raves review too), Instagram (@BettyRuthBaby) and her website ( breastfeeding/new baby tips & tricks. She’s got some exciting partnership news coming up too! 

On a different note, if you aren’t the new mom, but are in need of a thoughtful gift for one, she can also put together unique, practical and beautiful gift baskets! She has thought of everything and we’re so excited to introduce our readers to her and her services. 

Take a look at our Q&A below: 

How long has your business been in Charlotte? Dilworth?

BettyRuthBaby has been around for almost 5 years and it’s been in Charlotte/Dilworth since we started.

Why did you choose Dilworth over other areas in Charlotte?

I grew up in Dilworth and when I moved back from NYC and got married, I told my husband it was one of a handful of neighborhoods I’d live.  I LOVE Dilworth.

What have you come to love about the neighborhood? 

I’ve always loved it!  It’s walkable, good energy, great restaurants, shopping is really picking up and the people have always been great.  I love the historic nature of houses.

What is your favorite experience or most surprising experience about being located in Dilworth or having Dilworth clients?

My favorite thing is, because I work as a baby consultant/planner and lactation consultant Dilworth has so many young families.  I’m able to work with awesome families that I still see out and about.

What is your favorite lunch or dinner spot in Dilworth?

There are SO many, but a staple has always been 300 East.

Any partnerships or good working relationships with other Dilworth businesses?

I LOVE working with Casie and The Argyle Alligator.  Her store and my services are perfect complements.

What sets you apart from other concierge & planning businesses in Charlotte?

I do pregnancy planning, postnatal support and lactation consulting.  Most others in the industry are either planners or lactation consultants, I love to be able to work through from bump to boobs.

What else would you like the community to know about BettyRuthBaby?

We’re an in-home baby consulting service, moms don’t need to get dressed, put make-up on or even brush their teeth.  I come to you.  I make sure mom gets what she needs postpartum.



Sarah Martin


Call / Text: 704.604.2445

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