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Dilworth Business Series: Fit Atelier

On the slim chance you have not yet heard of Dilworth’s newest (and first!) fitness & fashion concept, Fit Atelier, DilworthCharlotte recently had the opportunity to meet the two incredible owners, sisters Brit & Melanie, and tour their beautifully unique, chic space located right on East Boulevard.

Brit & Melanie are incredibly gracious, friendly and business savvy. As you’ll see in our Q&A below, they are hoping to usher in one-of-a-kind fitness programming which Charlotte has yet to see! They offer complementary in-studio fitness classes and are currently focusing on their partnership with Hilliard Studio Method in hosting the head trainer from Body by Simone in September. Check them out on IG for specific dates and pricing! @FitAtelier

Their space is truly a MUST SEE – pop on over to 310 East Boulevard, Suite C (right next to 300 East!) to check out their space and brands: L’URV, Michi, Varley, Ultracor, Olympia, Alala and WITH. In the meantime, check out our Q&A:

How long has your business been in Charlotte? Dilworth? We just opened a little over a week ago, but we’ve been in love with Dilworth for a long time! 

Why did you choose Dilworth over other areas in Charlotte? We chose Dilworth for a few reasons:  1. We love the neighborhood’s walkability – we know that our customers are really active and we also wanted to be in an area where we could have a run club. 2. We wanted to be close in proximity to wellness and workouts that we love – this neighborhood is central to the rail trail, Orangetheory, Pure Barre and Hilliard Studio Method so we can pop over to one of those before work or during lunch without having to drive across town. 3. Dilworth already has a lot of cool shopping and we just wanted to add to it! We love Toska European Spa, Mckenzie Claire and Theory Design Studio. 

What have you come to love about the neighborhood? Or, seeing as you’re so new, what are you looking forward to the most about being in Dilworth? We have really enjoyed meeting our neighbors and the awesome community that calls Dilworth home.

What is your favorite experience or most surprising experience about being located in Dilworth or having Dilworth clients? We haven’t experienced anything too surprising yet!

What is your favorite lunch or dinner spot in Dilworth? We LOVE Fern, Clean Juice (I guess this is technically Southend), Mayobird, Kid Cashew and our neighbors 300 East. We really want to try Copper, but we haven’t made it over there yet.

Any partnerships or good working relationships with other Dilworth businesses? Not yet, but we will definitely be taking some classes at the new Yoga One in Dilworth!

What sets you apart from other retailers in Charlotte?  We think what sets us apart is that we aren’t just a retailer. Part of the Fit Atelier model is about curating really awesome one-of-a-kind fitness programming for the community to enjoy. We have free classes in our space weekly and we have a celebrity trainer series that brings celebrity trainers to Charlotte. Our first one is on September 9th – we have partnered with Hilliard Studio Method to host Body By Simone’s head trainer from NYC. Taylor Swift, Karlie Kloss, Reese Witherspoon and Chrissy Teigen are all Body By Simone devotees. We are so excited to introduce Charlotte to this workout!

What else would you like the community to know about Fit Atelier? We want to be workout buddies with the community! If anyone is interested in working out or joining us for our run clubs, free workouts or celebrity trainer series, they should come in and see us or shoot us a DM on Instagram.



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