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Dilworth Business Series: Kamp Hiccup

For our last Dilworth Business Series of the year (where has the time gone?!), I’d love to introduce you to Kamp Hiccup! A doggie daycare and rescue/foster program for small dogs 25 pounds and under, located in the heart of Dilworth.

Not only does the owner have a huge heart for animals, but she’s also a past client of mine! In fact, I helped her and her beautiful family purchase their Dilworth home.

Without further ado, let’s get to the Q&A! Don’t forget to check out the photos too – lots of precious pups and green space for playing!

Q&A with Kelly Taylor, Founder & Owner of Kamp Hiccup

How long has your business been in Dilworth? Kamp Hiccup opened in May 2018. A small cozy place just for little dogs (25 pounds and under)

Why did you choose Dilworth over other areas in Charlotte? We chose Dilworth because we felt it has a cozy community snuggled up to the city.

What have you come to love about the neighborhood? I love Dilworth for it’s walkability, big trees, charming homes and parks for dog walking!

What is your favorite experience or most surprising experience about being in Dilworth? I rescue and foster one small dog at a time. This homeless dog joins my clients dogs and is taught love, trust, playing and cuddling. Oh and potty training! What is so cool to me is that a handful of my fosters have been adopted within the Dilworth Community and come back to stay at Kamp Hiccup when their owners are traveling! And then they teach my new foster. It’s brilliant and beautiful.

What is your favorite lunch or dinner spot in Dilworth? My favorite lunch spot in Dilworth is The Fern! Dinner is Copper!

Any partnerships or good working relationships with other Dilworth businesses? I have partnerships with wonderful people in our community who volunteer to walk my foster’s. This has been a huge help and is very beneficial for my homeless dogs to be exposed to new people, smells and scenery.

What sets you apart from other doggie daycares in Charlotte? What sets Kamp Hiccup apart from other doggie daycares is that I only accept dogs 25 pounds and under and I keep a limited amount of little dogs in my home.

What else would you like the community to know about Kamp Hiccup? Kamp Hiccup was built into my home providing little doggie rooms for sleeping, a doggie shower, heated/air garage for playing when the weather is bad, artificial turf yard and double gated protection for gate door. Go to to learn more. Peace, love, rescue and little dogs!



Sarah Martin


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