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Dilworth Schools: Part 1 of 4

Dilworth area schools offer some of the best learning opportunities within North Carolina. One of the biggest questions families ask when determining where to live in Charlotte is, “How are the schools?” With education being a substantial determining factors of adulthood success, its imperative that parents demand the best for their children.


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Despite budget cuts from CMS and other school districts from across the country, Dilworth area schools continue to offer exceptional learning opportunities to all of its students.If you’re living in, or thinking about moving to Dilworth, your public school journey will take you through Dilworth Elementary, Alexander Graham Middle, and then to Myers Park High.These schools are ranked among the highest in the state for EOG and EOC test scores, internet access, advanced course curriculum, licensed teachers, and yearly progress.

Dilworth Schools

Follow my future blog post as I explore in more detail the advantages of each of the public school in the Dilworth community and how they relate to your child’s success.



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