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Is Dilworth a Model for Walkability?

Dilworth has phenomenal walkability and neighbors enjoy the convenience of the shops, restaurants, and parks. In apresentation made Thursday evening at the Center for the Environment buildingat the Catawba College, urban development designer David Walters cited the Dilworth neighborhood as an example for “a transit-oriented development”.

Future urban development planning is becoming increasingly more important due to the shift in residential living. In recent years the U.S. has seen city living take over the popularity of small town living. David Walters is the program coordinator of the Master of Urban Design Program at Catawba College’s College of Art and Architecture and is the author & co-author of severalbooks on urban design and community planning. He noted that as the popularity of urban living continues to rise, communities need to focus their planning on becoming more “walkable, bikeable, drivable, and transit-friendly”.

The Dilworth community was built throughout the early 1900’s and is a great example of a community that has redesigned itself through the decades to continue to improve the living standard. With sidewalk lined streets, bike lanes, and easy access to the light-rail and uptown, the Dilworth neighborhood continues to prove itself as the best place to live in Charlotte NC.

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