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Paper Skyscraper: #1 Greatest Local Shop to Find the Perfect Holiday Gift

Phew! That’s a long title – but it’s true! Dilworth’s own Paper Skyscraper has been voted the #1 greatest shop for finding the perfect holiday gift in the entire United States. What an honor! What a treasure that we have in our own backyard. I was just there yesterday buying a few sparkly bags for gifts, and also managed to pick up a lovely Christmas candle (“Christmas in Charlotte“, by Ella B. ), which is already getting loads of compliments from everyone who walks past our office. It’s not overpowering, and fills the room with just the right amount of birchwood and evergreen bark.

This is just a small example of why Paper Skyscraper is so successful. They select the best gifts, sercies & treasures that are hard to find elsewhere. Be it a sentimental gift, a funny gift, a celebratory gift, or just an “I’ve been thinking of you” gift, this charming shop truly has it all. They have the gifts you would buy if you were able to articulate exactly what you are looking for. They’re mind readers. So, congratulations to our beloved Paper Skyscraper! We’re so proud of this recognition, but also not surprised by it at all.

Swing by to browse their aisles for the loveliest of holiday gifts!



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