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Shopping at House of Nomad. Now Open on East Blvd!

If you are anything like me, you probably drove by House of Nomad on East Blvd over the summer and wondered "when did that open and what is it?" The transformation and overall design aesthetic of this iconic Dilworth bungalow (formerly commonly used as a spa) will catch your eye to say the least! Today I decided to follow the black and white brick road on an expedition of my own to see what treasures await inside...

Walking up the long black and white stairway to the salmon pink double doors you can't help but to notice the attention to every detail. From the bold modern cactus planters to the neon sign that reads "Travel from Home", I heard the voice of Judy Garland in my head saying "Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Dilworth anymore."

Upon entering the house it becomes immediately clear that the inside is just as eye catching as the outside. What is this magical place? The House of Nomad is an interior design studio created by NC best friends Kelley Lentini & Berkeley Minkorst. In 2019 the duo opened their first design studio here in Charlotte in Myers Park, which quickly became a go-to source for anyone looking for something fresh, eclectic and, modern to adorn their home. In April of 2021, they expanded and moved their flagship House of Nomad shop to Dilworth, located at 1405 East Blvd beside Starbucks.

The shop is a mixture of textiles, baskets, pillows, throws, rugs, artwork, and other unique finds. You can definitely see a lot of inspiration comes from countries around the world like Thailand, Mexico, Bali, and Africa.

Looking around I can also see why one might elect to utilize their full home design or virtual design services. You can start a consultation with them online at

How fun would it be to give HON the keys to your home and just let them run with it?

For the local Charlottean design enthusiast , House of Nomad is right up there with Sleepy Poet and Slate for curated interior design pieces you can add to your home.

You can also pick up accessories at their shop like chunky boho necklaces, signature home fragrances, and a variety of coffee table books to give yourself the full House of Nomad experience.

House of Nomad also has a storefront location in Charleston SC but I'm so glad they chose Dilworth for their Charlotte home. The Dilworth shop hours of operation are Tuesday-Saturday: 10AM - 5PM. If you can't make it to the studio then shop their full collection online at Whether you're looking for the perfect accessories for your home or a gift for a friend, you'll be sure to find something unique with a cool back story at House of Nomad.



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