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Winter Weather Tips


Despite the fact that we have had unseasonably warm temperatures this winter, the cold weather is not definitely upon us! That means that we need to prepare our homes to whether the weather (pun intended). In order to avoid anyhefty financial obstacles related to winter weather conditions,not to mention a major headache, check out the tips & ideas below for a safe and warm winter season:

(1) Do you know where and how quickly you would be able to turn off your water? Believe it or not, a lot of homeowners do not know where their water main shut-off valve is located. Knowing this information is key to minimizing further damage in case of a potential burst pipe(s)

(2) Disconnect and drain any outside garden hoses, shut off pipes to those outdoor faucets & even wrap or cover these faucets

(3) Close all foundation vents! As a bonus, this will also help to save on your heating bill

(4) If you have an irrigation system, it is best to drain the system and turn the controller tothe”off” position

(5) Remove any overhanging or dead tree limbs (this is helpful year-round, but when winter weather, aka “ice”, strikes,delicate limbs are more prone to snap off and damage anything in theirpath)

(6) All things fireplace: be sure to close the fireplace doors (if in place), close the chimney flue & ensure you have a CO2 detector

(7) Be sure to change your filters every 90 days in order for your furnace to run less and produce cleaner air

These items don’t take long to do and they have the potential to save you time & money! Happy winterizing!



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